Training will be delivered over two (2) sessions – all participants should register for both Session 1 and Session 2.

For convenience, we are offering sessions in the morning and the afternoon. The content will be the same for both Group C and Group D, the only difference is the time of day, and stakeholders may choose to join either group. It is also possible to attend the morning session on one day, and the afternoon session on another day.

Crowdfunding Training – Business Owners (Group C, Session 2)

Friday January 20th, 10:00am AST

Crowdfunding Training – Business Owners (Group D, Session 2)

Friday January 20th, 3:00pm AST

As with the stakeholder engagement sessions, these webinars will be recorded and published to the website. However, the ECSRC urges interested parties to register and attend, to maximise the benefit that comes from live participation.