The crowdfunding project has just been launched and will be implemented over an 18-month period. Regular project updates will be posted on the News section of this website here.

A variety of stakeholders in the ECCU member countries and the diaspora will benefit from this program.

  • Small businesses will have another option for financing;
  • Accredited investors as well as individuals from the general public who want another investment option, and are willing to fund small companies;
  • Investment advisors, who provide investment advice and who could attract a new group of clients interested in equity crowdfunding;
  • Business Support Organisations, will be able to expand their training on financial options to include equity crowdfunding;
  • Technology companies interested in developing a crowdfunding platform to promote fintech and to service prospective small business clients;
  • Members of the general public will increase their financial education due to the project’s marketing and training efforts.

Yes, the project is open to individuals and institutions in all the ECCU states, as well as those in the diaspora.

You can indicate your interest in the project by registering to be part of the stakeholder consultation process. The project will be convening a number of focus groups to ask for feedback on the draft crowdfunding rules.


Please contact us using the details below. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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